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Michelle Williams on ABC's "Good Morning America"The excitement surrounding Michelle Williams' recent engagement to Pastor Chad Johnson appears to have died down somewhat, due to some fans claiming that Johnson is a Trump supporter.

Political activist Tariq Nasheed called out the singer, who recently appeared on ABC's Good Morning America to gush over her man.

"They had Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child on #GMA celebrating her engagement," he tweeted

"And her fiancé Pastor Chad Johnson is a white Trump supporting, Blue Lives Matter advocate who supports police killings of Black youths. And he pastors Black youths. #smh."

Nasheed then posted old screen shots that allegedly shows that Johnson follows Trump and other right wing political members.

"I wonder if Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child is going to become a Trump supporter like her white fiancé Pastor Chad?" 

Nasheed tweeted. "Asking for a friend."

In addition to Nasheed, other fans have chimed in on their disapproval of Williams' soon-to-be hubby.

"She thinks she won by marrying a white boy (from a trump supporting family) that has our black youth fixing & serving cops breakfast instead of questioning the brutality they inflict on our black youth.. Smh!!!" wrote one fan.

Another wrote, "Michelle has been cancelled," with another adding, "That sunken dirty disgusting place is her destiny. Another disappointment!"

Williams has not responded to the report about her fiancé. 

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ABC NewsKanye West's recent support of President Donald Trump on Twitter hasn't gone unnoticed, especially by the Commander-in-Chief himself. 

On Wednesday, Ye described Trump as his "brother," to which Trump responded on Twitter with a "Thank you Kanye, very cool!"    

You may remember Kanye and Trump's fateful meeting at Trump Tower in New York City last year to discuss, as Kanye put it, "multicultural issues." 

Trump called Kanye "a good man" after their meeting. 

As previously noted, the rapper went on a Twitter tirade Wednesday, sharing his thoughts on Trump, among a number of other topics.

"You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother," he wrote. 

"I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought," Kanye tweeted.   

His public support for Trump has caused a frenzy among his fans. 

And Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian-West doesn't appreciate that the tweetstorm has caused people to question her hubby's mental health.

Kim writes on Twitter, "To the media trying to demonize my husband let me just say this... your commentary on Kanye being erratic & his tweets being disturbing is actually scary. So quick to label him as having mental health issues for just being himself when he has always been expressive is not fair."  

She continues, "Now when he spoke out about Trump.. Most people (including myself) have very different feelings & opinions about this. But this is HIS opinion. I believe in people being able to have their own opinions, even if really different from mine. He never said he agrees with his politics." 

Kanye was hospitalized in 2016 due to symptoms of severe paranoia, lack of sleep, stress and hallucinations.  

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ABC/Tyler GoldenJohn Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen are celebrities who take extravagant trips around the world

But the famous couple, who are expecting a baby boy, plans on giving him big sister Luna's "hand-me-downs." 

"We're kind of just using Luna's old things. It will be fine," explains Chrissy to Entertainment Tonight

Speaking of Luna, Chrissy describes her as a "complete bag lady" at the ripe age of two.

"[Her] carrying multiple purses is pretty cute," says John, with his wife adding, "Oh yeah! She got a lot of purses for her second birthday and she can't really decide which one is her favorite." 

"She walks around with all of them," John explains. 

Apparently, Luna has "zero clue" about the addition of her baby brother to the family. 

"She knows just as much as she knew eight months ago, which is nothing. So it's going to be a surprise," Chrissy declares. 

John says, "She knows to call it a 'baby.' I don't know if she's clarified what that really means to her yet."

In February, Chrissy revealed on The Ellen Degeneres Show that she's due to give birth in June. 

She and Legend, however, have yet to pick a name for their son.  

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Getty Images via ABCHow much would you pay for a piece of Rihanna

Well, someone has apparently purchased the white dress RiRi wore on the cover of her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, for a respectable $13,000. 

An auction via shows that only three bids were made for the gown, with the minimum bid set at $10,000. 

Two other items worn by the superstar were also sold: a "Viva Glam" MAC ad campaign custom lime green two-piece outfit for $7,000, and a metallic mini dress for close to $7,000.  

Fortunately, fans unable to bid on RiRi's pre-wornn frocks will have the chance to purchase some luscious underwear from the Fenty Beauty mogul's forthcoming new lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, which arrives worldwide May 11. 

Check out Rihanna's Savage x Fenty website for more information and to follow her timer countdown until the lingerie collection officially drops.  

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ABC NewsIt looks like Kanye West has some brand-new material for his forthcoming philosophy book. 

The rapper went on a Twitter tirade Wednesday, sharing some very interesting thoughts, including one in which he called President Donald Trump his "brother." 

"You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone." 

"I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought," Kanye tweeted

He goes on to say in another tweet, "If your friend jumps off the bridge you don't have to do the same. Ye being Ye is a fight for you to be you. For people In my life the idea of Trump is pretty much a 50 50 split but I don't tell a Hillary [Clinton] supporter not to support Hillary. I love Hillary too."  

Kanye goes on in a slew of other messages to confirm that he longer has a manager, because "I can't be managed"; that he got rid of his last lawyer because the person couldn't "come to work full time"; and tells TMZ founder Harvey Levin that he's "hearing from your future president."  

Kanye certainly has been on a Twitter tear lately. 

You may remember his tweet Saturday about conservative commentator Candace Owens, in which he tweeted, "I love the way Candace Owens thinks." 

Ye's support for Owens caused fans to have a fit on social media. 

As previously noted, Kanye recently wrote that he's, in fact, writing a book via Twitter in real time. 

"No publisher or publicist will tell me what to put where or how many pages to write," he declared.  

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Meek Mill; 20KPhiladelphia native Kevin Hart had two things to celebrate Tuesday: the Philadelphia 76ers' win over the Miami Heat, and the prison release of his friend and rapper Meek Mill.   

But the comedian told ABC News affiliate WPVI that Meek's freedom and presence at the basketball playoff game in Philly proved to be a much larger indication of change in the legal system. 

"Meek Mill being here tonight was amazing. But, him being here tonight was bigger than the Sixers," said Hart.   

"It was more about...getting out, beating something that was incorrect and now having the opportunity to stand in front of that incorrection [sic] and correct it." 

He continued, "It's about saying, 'OK guys, look. In the [legal] system that we have today in Philadelphia and everywhere else...there's a lot of injustice, and now we have the opportunity to poke holes in that injustice and shine a light on it and hopefully correct it." 

Kevin also believes Meek's recent prison stint will encourage the rapper to "take full advantage of his opportunity, of his platform, the pedestal that he stands on, and really draw more attention to [injustices in the legal system] and hopefully make other people look at it in a way that we can start to change it." 

"I'm glad that my friend, my brother got out tonight," Kevin declared. 

Meek Mill was released from the Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility on Tuesday following a controversial sentence stemming from a parole violation. 

Meek was picked up by helicopter following his release and flown to the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game, courtesy of team co-owner Michael Rubin

After being greeted by Hart and the 76ers players, Mill was given the honor of ringing the ceremonial bell before his hometown Sixers took on the Heat.  

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Atlantic RecordsJanelle Monáe has unveiled the track list for her new album, Dirty Computer, and it will feature guest artists Pharrell, Zoë Kravitz and Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson.

Rolling Stone reports that the 14-song album will open with the title track, where Wilson lends his talents. Pharrell can be heard on "I Got the Juice," while Kravitz will appear on "Screwed."

Grimes is also featured on the previously released single "Pynk." Monáe additionally released "Make Me Feel" and "Django Jane" prior to the album drop.

The entire track list was revealed on the singer's website with an interactive graphic, explaining the inspiration behind each track. For example, Dora Milaje from Black Panther inspired "Django Jane," and "Pynk" is inspired by "Prince's mischievous smile as he played organ on 'Hot Thang.'"

Dirty Computer is the "Tightrope" singer's first album in five years since The Electric Lady

Fans can get the full album this Friday, April 27, and catch her on tour this summer starting June 11.

Find the full track list for Dirty Computer below:

1. "Dirty Computer" (feat. Brian Wilson)
2. "Crazy, Classic, Life"
3. "Take a Byte"
4. "Jane's Dream"
5. "Screwed" (feat. Zoë Kravitz)
6. "Django Jane"
7. "Pynk" (feat. Grimes)
8. "Make Me Feel"
9. "I Got the Juice" (feat. Pharrell Williams)
10. "I Like That"
11. "Stevie's Dream"
12. "Don’t Judge Me"
13. "So Afraid"
14. "Americans"

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Courtesy of DreamvilleSeven different vinyl bundle sets of J. Cole latest album KOD are available to purchase now. 

Each bundle includes an autographed limited-edition color KOD vinyl, autographed KOD discs and a t-shirt.  
Fans interested in buying the bundles featuring an autographed vinyl album in an exclusive color, plus an autographed CD, have to act fast, because those specific items will only be available through Thursday, April 26 at 9 pm ET.   

As previously reported, Cole is projected to earn his fifth number-one Billboard 200 album with KOD. 

If project sales numbers hold, KOD will score the biggest debut sales week for an album this year, surpassing Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods' debut in February. 

It would also be the biggest debut sales week since Taylor Swift's reputation in 2017.   
You can watch J. Cole's latest music videos for "Kevin's Heart" and "ATM" on YouTube now. 

For more info on how to buy his exclusive KOD vinyl bundles, head over to  

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20KAs earlier reported, rapper Meek Mill was released from the Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility on Tuesday following a controversial sentence stemming from a parole violation.

It didn't take long for the rhyme-slinger to resume his celebrity lifestyle as he was picked up by helicopter following his release and flown to the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game, courtesy of team co-owner Michael Rubin.

When he made his way into the Wells Fargo Arena, where he was greeted by actor Kevin Hart and 76ers players, Mill was given the honor of ringing the ceremonial bell before his hometown Sixers took on the Miami Heat. He received a rousing ovation from the fans in attendance, as seen in a video posted on the official NBA twitter account.

Meanwhile, following Mill's own statement, his Roc Nation boss and fellow rapper JAY-Z posted the following message on Facebook: "Today, Meek Mill, a son of Philadelphia, is a free man. He was incarcerated unjustly and caught in a probation trap for years by a broken system. Now we can celebrate his release. We thank every individual that has supported and fought alongside Meek every step of the way."

Mill ended up serving five months of a 2-4 year sentence for violating probation on a decade-old drug and gun case. His release was ordered by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court following questions about the credibility of his arresting officer.

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ABC/Randy HolmesRemy Ma is a free, independent woman on her new song, "Company."

The rapper shared a snippet of the brand new track via Instagram Tuesday. 

Rising star A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is featured on the single as well.   

The song's lyrics refer to the time the rapper spent in jail; she was released in 2014 after serving six years.

"Baby what you want from me/I been getting money/I could really put you on your feet/I was getting one visit/two phone calls/three showers a week/Now I get like 90 K/For my voice just to touch the beat," she raps.  

"Company" is Remy's latest release, following "Melanin Magic," which features vocals from Chris Brown

Her album 7 Winters & 6 Summers is scheduled to arrive later this year.  

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Jerritt Clark/Getty ImagesFabolous and his girlfriend Emily B were spotted together at Coachella over the weekend.

The Shade Room posted a video of the two allegedly moving their way through a large crowd. 

Fab's face is clearly seen, while a hand on his shoulder and the top of a woman's head behind him are visible.  

The news comes as a shock to fans, considering that the rapper was arrested in March on domestic violence-related charges. 

Jackson was released and his charges were referred to the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office for further disposition, police said. 

As previously reported, the alleged victim's identity wasn't released by police, but TMZ claimed that Emily B was the injured party.   

Fabolous was charged with third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree terroristic threats.  

Court documents later showed that the entertainer allegedly punched the unidentified female victim seven times in the face, "causing severe damage to her two front teeth," and also threatened her father and brother.   

The victim lost her two front teeth as a result, according to the documents. 

In addition, a video of Fabolous having a heated argument with Emily and her dad surfaced in early April. 

The expletive-filled video, obtained by TMZ, shows Jackson and Emily's dad yelling at one another, with Jackson threatening to shoot Emily and her father. 

Emily's father is also heard calling Jackson a coward. 

Emily and Fabolous have two children together: sons Jonas and Johan Jackson.  

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20KAs of Tuesday, Meek Mill is a free man, after being sentenced to two to four years for probation violations.

Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin announced the surprising news on Instagram Tuesday, writing, @meekmill is FREE!!! Just left visiting Meek with @kevinhart4real and I'm on the way back to pick him up as we speak! #MeekisFree #GoSixers."   

Hart also co-signed Rubin's statement on Instagram that same day, writing, "Meek Mill is Frrrreeeeee....I just left from seeing him in jail with @michaelgrubin and we were just told that he is being released. Woooooooow.....Stand Up Philadelphia!!!!!"  

Meek also released a written statement on Facebook, in which he thanked Rubin and his Roc Nation team, including JAY-Z

He says, "I'd like to thank God, my family, my friends, my attorneys, my team at Roc Nation including Jay good friend Michael Rubin, my fans, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and all my public advocates for their love, support and encouragement during this difficult time." 

Meek continues, "While the past five months have been a nightmare, the prayers, visits, calls, letter and rallies have helped me stay positive." 

"To the Philadelphia District Attorney's office, I'm grateful for your commitment to justice -- not only for my case, but for others that have been wrongfully jailed due to police misconduct."  

"Although I'm blessed to have the resources to fight this unjust situation, I understand that many people of color across the country don't have that luxury and I plan to use my platform to shine a light on those issues," he concluded.

"In the meantime, I plan to work closely with my legal team to overturn this unwarranted conviction and look forward to reuniting with my family and resuming my music career." 

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Image Group LA/ABCLife sure is beautiful for The Weeknd and Travis Scott.

Both performers are headlining this year's Life is Beautiful festival, held in Las Vegas from September 21-23.  

N.E.R.D and Tyler, the Creator have also been announced as headlining acts for the live event. 

A slew of other artists have also been added to the lineup, including MiguelA$AP Ferg, T-PainFrench MontanaDaniel Caesar and Lizzo, among others. 

General admission and VIP tickets go on sale Thursday at 1 pm ET. 

For the full lineup and ticket info, visit

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Alex LoucasNicki Minaj wasn't lying when she said in her latest single "Chun-Li," "They need rappers like me."

"Chun-Li" has now become Nick's first solo Billboard  Hot 100 top 10 hit since 2014's "Anaconda." 

"Solo" means there are no other featured artists on the song, and that she herself isn't a featured artist.

According to Billboard, "Chun-Li" is also her 16th Hot 100 top 10, which extends her record of having the most Hot 100 top tens among female rappers.  

"Chun-Li" is Nicki's fourth solo Hot 100 top 10:  "Anaconda," "Starships" and "Super Bass" are the other three.

Nicki Minaj released "Chun-Li" and "Barbie Tingz" earlier in April, ahead the release of her highly-anticipated, untitled fourth studio album.   

Her previous disc, The Pinkprint, came out in 2014. 

Monday, she revealed to fans on Twitter that she's also gearing up for an upcoming tour and will perform a brand new song during her May 19 appearance on Saturday Night Live.  

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Image Group LA/ABCThe Weeknd will be riding shotgun at this year's Formula 1 2018 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

He'll be the headlining act for the event's after-race concert on Friday 23 in November.   

The Grammy winner is expected to perform songs from his latest album, My Dear Melancholy and from his 2015 album Beauty Behind The Madness, along with tracks from his House of BalloonsThursday and Echoes of Silence mixtapes.  

Weekend tickets and single day tickets are available to purchase now.  

In other news, fans also have the option to buy festival-themed merch from The Weeknd's official website, but you'd better hurry -- the XO Festival Drip collection will only be available for one more day.

You can choose from items such as t-shirts, jackets and long-sleeved shirts. 

The Weeknd's debut Marvel comic book, The Weeknd Presents: Starboy - Vol. I - Issue 1, can also be purchased from the website as well. 

Visit for more information on prices and sizes.  

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Courtesy of DreamvilleJ. Cole is projected to score his fifth number-one Billboard 200 album with his latest disc, KOD.  

Billboard reports that the "Kevin's Heart" rapper could move between 350,000 and 400,00 equivalent album units the week ending April 26. 

If those numbers hold, KOD will be the biggest week for an album this year, transcending Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods debut in February. 

In addition, Cole's studio project would register the biggest week in equivalent album units for an album's debut since Taylor Swift's reputation in 2017. 

KOD is J. Cole's fifth album and was a surprise release for fans. 

His other discs have all charted at number one on the Billboard 200.  

In other news, you can watch the hilarious music video for "Kevin's Heart," starring none other than comedian/actor Kevin Hart, now on YouTube.  

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NCLRPrince's family is suing the hospital that treated the legendary singer the week before he died, The Star Tribune reports.

In the wrongful death suit, the family claims the Trinity Medical Center in Illinois improperly treated Prince's first overdose, ultimately leading to his second and fatal overdose a week later. 

The family is also suing Walgreens for dispensing opioids to Paisley Park manager Kirk Johnson that were intended for Prince.

"What happened to Prince is happening to families across America," attorney John Goetz said on behalf of the family. "Prince's family wishes, through its investigation, to shed additional light on what happened to Prince."

The state and federal criminal investigation found the singer was taking Vicodin with fentanyl. The source of the deadly substance could not be found, so authorities closed the case with no arrests or criminal charges.

The investigation also found that the singer refused medical testing and treatment.

Prince died on April 21, 2016, with his family filing suit exactly two years later. 

In other Prince news, his estate has announced a new album of unreleased music from the star, which will be released on September 28, according to Variety

"Last week, the release of "Nothing Compares 2 U" was the first piece of music to come from our collaboration with the estate, and now we’re working on a release for the fall -- a full-length album," Troy Carter, the entertainment adviser for Prince's estate, tells Variety. "Michael Howe, who’s been working with us on the archive, has done a tremendous job of finding some special pieces of work, and one of the pieces that he found, all of us fell in love with it and decided this was special enough for fans to hear. So we’re putting the final touches on it -- it’ll come in the fall."

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ABC/Image Group LABeyoncé's charitable spirit has inspired Google to give back to some very lucky students for the 2018-2019 academic school year.  

Google has decided to match Bey's recent $100,000 scholarship grants to four historically black colleges and universities with $100,000 worth of grant to benefit students at four additional HBCUs.

The institutions in question are Texas Southern University, in the icon's hometown of Houston, Texas; Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee; Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia and Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana.  

The announcement was made on Twitter and on the singer's official website Monday, following her second Coachella performance. 

The scholarships are a part of the "Formation" singer's Homecoming Scholars Award Program. 

As previously reported, Beyoncé announced that she was granting $25,000 to four college students from  Xavier University in Louisiana; Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio; Tuskegee University in Alabama and Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

One student from each of the eight institutions will receive the grants for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Students from each school will be able to use their $25,000 scholarship for study in various fields, such as literature, creative arts, education, business and communications. 

All applicants must be able to maintain a 3.5 GPA or above.  

Finalists and winners will be chosen by the selected universities. 

Winners of the grants will be revealed this summer.  

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Atlantic RecordsJanelle Monae will grace fans with her presence this summer on her Dirty Computer tour of North America. 

The tour will support Janelle's album of the same name, which comes out April 27. Duo St. Beauty will join Janelle on tour as the special guest.   

In addition to the music, fans at major tour stops will be able to enjoy music-inspired cocktails and other special treats, courtesy of a partnership between Janelle and Belvedere Vodka. 

The 27-city tour begins June 11 in Seattle, Washington and wraps up August 4 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 2, with tickets for select dates available to purchase May 4. 

And in case you've forgotten, Janelle's short film, Dirty Computer: An Emotion Picture, airs exclusively on MTV and BET channels worldwide on April 26. 

The music video for her latest release, "I Like That," is also out now. 

Dirty Computer is the follow-up to Monae’s 2013 CD, The Electric Lady

It's available now to pre-order.   

Here are the tour dates: 

6/11 -- Seattle, WA, King County's Marymoor Park
6/12 -- Vancouver, BC, Queen Elizabeth Theatre
6/13 -- Portland, OR, McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater
6/16 -- San Francisco, CA, The Masonic
6/20 -- San Diego, CA, Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU
6/26 -- Phoenix, AZ, Comerica Theater
6/28 -- Los Angeles, CA, The Greek Theatre
6/30 -- Salt Lake City, UT, The Complex
7/1 -- Denver, CO, The Paramount Theatre
7/3 -- Minneapolis, MN, State Theatre
7/5 -- Chicago, IL, The Chicago Theatre
7/6 -- Milwaukee, WI, Summerfest*
7/7 -- Grand Rapids, MI, 20 Monroe Live
7/9 -- Detroit, MI, Fox Theatre Detroit
7/10 -- Cincinnati, OH, Taft Theatre
7/11 -- St. Louis, MO, The Pageant
7/13 -- Nashville, TN, Ryman Auditorium
7/14 -- Indianapolis, IN, Murat Theatre at Old National Centre
7/16 -- Toronto, ON, Rebel
7/18 -- New York, NY, Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden
7/20 -- Washington, DC, The Anthem*
7/21 -- Boston, MA, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
7/23 -- Raleigh, NC, The Ritz
7/24 -- Charlotte, NC, The Fillmore Charlotte
7/26 -- Tampa, FL, Jannus Live
7/27 -- Miami, FL, The Fillmore Miami at Jackie Gleason Theater
7/28 -- Orlando, FL, House of Blues Orlando
8/4 -- Atlanta, GA, Tabernacle 

*non-Live Nation date 
on sale beginning May 4 

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ABC/Image Group LAKehlani and "We Don't Talk Anymore" singer Charlie Puth have debuted the disco-themed video for their duet, “Done for Me.”

The two, dressed in their ‘70s disco best, sing in a variety of retro settings including a bed with satin sheets, a light-up dancefloor and mirrored room. 

As they sing about a lover who takes more than they give, they both get romantic with the same woman.

The video ends with a shot of Kehlani and the woman on the satin sheets bed, then cuts to Charlie sitting alone, looking dejected.

Kehlani, who's been open about her fluid sexuality, took to Twitter this weekend to clarify her sexuality.

“Cuz i keep geddin asked.. i’m queer. not bi, not straight,” she wrote. “i’m attracted to women, men, REALLY attracted to queer men, non binary people, intersex people, trans people. lil poly pansexual papi hello good morning. does that answer your questions?”

Kehlani added, “And since we on that... i’m the LEAST attracted to straight men, y’all really adorable sometimes tho. bisexual men really are little gifts from god tho.”

She later deleted the tweets, writing, “I retracted my queer tweet because i am being corrected about the way in which i listed the gender spectrum and i’m super super sensitive to being offensive especially when i’m only trying to appreciate. point is, i love love, and that love lies in every gender there is.” 

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